Unique opportunity in Bristol

Illustration: Jen Howarth
Illustration: Jen Howarth

Our advertising sales interns will get top expert sales training. Below you can find the outline of the sessions.

Training starts on September 1.

We have only one space left – apply today!

This six week sales program is centered around the key skills required to find business, gain trust, get the client over the line and get repeat business. Below is a brief overview of the six- week schedule.

Week 1:  Exploration
Why do people buy? Questions, listening, exploration and understanding the big picture.

Week 2: Prospecting
Conserving your energy. Who to target, when, how, what to say, what to do.

Week 3: Negotiation
Understanding that successful negotiators are created not born.

Week 4: Presenting
Create the structure to ensure seamless delivery of your message.

Week 5: Objections
Understanding what this really means and how to convert into a sale.

Week 6: Managing client’s expectations
What is Service excellence? How do you manage tricky situations?

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