Mummy, what’s a mum’s night out?

childrenMy days start and end with the usual “Mummy, where’s my pen?”, “Mummy where’s my Elsa dress?”, “Mummy where’s my book?”, “Mummy look I can stand on my sister!” On and on this goes for hours. But when this morning I heard: “Mummy where’s my watch”, and it was not my kids but my husband asking, I knew I have to get out. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mummy role and give every minute of your life to your children and your family. You become part of a world where you have to get down on your knees in order to have a conversation, and even then have conversations that evolve around ways in which a bird of pray can strangle a lizard, or a ladybird should be our next pet. I had a glimmer of hope when last week, my five year old was asking me about the Scottish referendum. She said “Mummy, but what if people vote 50/50. What if people are split exactly in the middle?” Interesting! I thought, perhaps we can even talk about the impact this vote will have on women! But my hopes that we can take this conversation over a cuppa at the table were immediately shattered by the next phrase “Oh, and also can I have a large rope that I can tie around my waste because I want to start jumping over houses. Do you think I could jump over our house all the way to school?” I love them to bits, but I have to get out. Out to a place where I can sit at a table and have a glass of wine and an adult conversation. A place where I do not have to get on my knees to talk. A place where I can just be myself and relax! So that after two hours I can go back to the children and enjoy them fully, knowing that there is life outside the mummy world. This week, life outside mummy world is happening at Grounded on Church Road, Thursday at 7 PM. Come and join us for a couple of hours when nobody can ask you where things are!

If you can’t join us on Thursday, tell us more about the ways in which you unwind and spend your “time out”!

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