#GEW : In the Business of Building a Better Life ….

In this article, straight-talking speaker, author, business growth specialist and former engineering officer in the RAF, Katie Diacon, gives us hot tips on how to give your business a real boost! If you’re thinking of starting up a small business, then read on. It could be the first important step you take on your pathway to business success!

Starting out in business can be one of the most daunting experiences of your life.  It can also be one of the most liberating of experiences.  It really doesn’t matter if you don’t yet know quite what you will do. All you need is a strong belief that you CAN do it!

When setting up a business began to become a dream for my husband and myself, we didn’t know where the starting point would be or where it would end.  It was a challenging time.

If we had never got started with our business dream, we would never have discovered the opportunities that we now have – and we wouldn’t be as excited about the future as we are now.  Don’t forget that your decision to start something does not mean that you can’t change halfway through and even more times than that if you want to.  Nor does your decision to change mean that your first business attempt failed.  Each step is vital and takes you towards greater knowledge and greater success.  The great and good of the business world are quick to point out that they rarely make it with their first venture.

For those Bristol Woman readers who like the idea of working for yourself and kick starting a small business venture of your own, check out my top tips!

  • Visualise how you want your life to look in 5 years’ time.  Once you begin to have a clear idea, it becomes much easier to start to visualise the path.
  • Don’t delay the start of your journey by waiting for the perfect solution.  Our first business was far from the perfect solution but, by being fully open to other opportunities that presented themselves, we have found a fit that works brilliantly.
  • Be open-minded to opportunities that are presented to you.  Not everything I am now doing is something that I would have seen myself doing. Nor did it come packaged as I would have expected.  No-one said to me ‘here is the solution’!
  • Don’t let a fear of what people may or may not say stop you from achieving your dreams.  This is critical. Believe me – if you lost your income tomorrow, they are unlikely to be the ones who help you out.  It is quite normal for friends and family to question what you are doing.  When you step away from the norm of being employed, you make people question their own path and that makes them feel uncomfortable. Be resolute in what you need to do to achieve your aims, not theirs!
  • Get some training! You are never too old to learn and if you are serious about business, there are plenty of free training sessions to attend or learning to be done online.  One of the best investments we made at the start of our business journey was to get trained in sales and marketing.  It was the reason we were able to grow our first business so quickly.
  • There are definitely plenty of opportunities out there that can fit in around children and other jobs or commitments that don’t require huge start-up funds.  Get in touch for more details.

With the right mindset, resilience and a positive spirit, I firmly believe it is possible for anyone to start up a business venture of their own. If I can do it, so can you! And if you are interested in simply reading up on how you can use marketing to boost your business activities, then check out my book ‘Proven Business Boosting Activities’.


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