Top earners

Top business schools produce top earners – if they are men.

IMG_8272Yesterday, we all heard about the new statistics published by free salary benchmarking service Emolument Alumni on the average salaries of graduates from different universities. The top 20 universities, and the average salaries of graduates within five years of leaving, are listed below.

The question we are most interested in is – what does the pay gap look like for these graduates. Emolument Alumni promised to come back to us with more detailed information, but in the meantime we found out that graduates from Imperial College have a huge gender gap – Men £53,000, Women £40,000.

This comes as no big surprise, as last year’s Fawcett Gender pay Gap Briefing “THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW”. According to the briefing, in 2013 the gender pay gap widened. A woman working full-time now earns, on average, £5,000 less a year than a man. In the case of Imperial College London graduates – that is £13,000 less a year.

  • London Business School: £69,000
  • Oxford University: £54,000
  • Warwick Business School: £53,000
  • Cambridge University: £52,500
  • Cass Business School: £50,500
  • LSE London School of Economics: £50,000
  • University of Sheffield: £49,000
  • Edinburgh University: £48,500
  • Imperial College London: £47,000
  • University of Birmingham: £46,500
  • University of London: £45,500
  • Durham University: £45,000
  • University of Bath: £43,500
  • Aston University: £43,000
  • Warwick University: £42,500
  • Bristol University: £41,000
  • UCL University College London: £40,500
  • Loughborough University: £40,500
  • University of Leeds: £40,500
  • University of Nottingham: £40,000

Are you a young graduate looking at the job market? Are you concerned about the gender pay gap?

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