On the pink tax

Dear Reader,

Ever heard of the so-called ‘pink tax’ especially for ladies? Aren’t we, as a gender, so lucky that they’ve thought of a tax just for us? And in what is, of course, every woman’s favourite colour, right?

Um, let me think about this….no!

In case you don’t know what I am talking about, the pink tax refers to the extra costs we, as women, are subjected to. And subjected to, some would say, from the day we are born. Girls clothes often cost more than boys clothes. As do our haircuts. And beauty products. And dry cleaning.

When I was a single mum, money was not something I possessed a lot of. To the point where I once paid for value toilet paper with two pence pieces, and regularly had to choose between owning cling film or tin foil as to have both was deemed luxurious. And as a single woman I was quite keen on meeting a man – which meant various parts of me needed to be ‘man ready’ so to speak. Except razors were also deemed to be a luxury to me then, and so I would regularly embark on a night out looking like a gorilla. Until one night, after I’d got lucky, I found myself in a penthouse apartment with hair on my legs what could be plaited.

And this was when I discovered that razors for men, which have always been cheaper, were in fact as good for the job as the pink overpriced ones. Safe to say I was de-fuzzed within minutes. I shall leave the rest to your imagination.

Recently I’ve been reading up on the pink tax in more detail and have been searching for answers as to why so many things cost more for women than men. And in my quest have found many reasons that the companies who employ a price hike for their female products all claim to have. Excuses more like.

And those excuses are there for everything…

Blouses are harder to iron at the dry cleaners than shirts, thanks to material needed to be there to accommodate our female curves, hence it takes longer and needs to be done by hand, costing more.

Razors need to be sensitive and shaped accurately for our delicate lady areas, which costs more to manufacture. Except they are missing the point that they do not need to be manufactured in pink, or make us pay more for flowery designs and ridiculous marketing, which undoubtedly add to the price.

Perfume is more expensive than aftershave due to the high concentration of flowers in it. Because all women like over flowery perfume, don’t they?

Haircuts are seen as a luxury for women and a necessity for men, hence again why they cost more.

Anyone else feel like we are being duped? Or punished financially for being female? Did anyone ask me if I wanted my razors pink or my perfume ridiculously flowery?

And don’t get me started on the tampon tax.

No wonder it is so difficult for men and women to be truly considered equal when fundamentally, from the minute we pop out and into this world, we are subjected to all things pink. And unnecessarily so.

And so, my razors will continue to be blue. And my blouses will be ironed at home, by my husband.

I may even start using his deodorant too.

From,  me

By Jen Faulkner

Has anything happened to you this week and made you want to write a letter? If so write to me at jen.faulkner@bristolwoman.org.uk




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