Dear David Cameron…

Your recent, and if I may say so, ridiculous decision to not make sex education compulsory has somehow not driven the headlines recently, as it should have.

In fact, anyone who doesn’t regularly delve into the world of the media and its sensationalist portrayal of the news and daily scaremongering might have missed it altogether. Which is a shame. It should’ve caused uproar, not least because it is not a wise decision, but because the women in parliament who suggested it – Nicky Morgan Secretary of State for Education being one of them – and gave such a good argument as to why sex education should indeed be compulsory, were not exactly taken seriously.What amazes me, in this world full of turmoil and destruction, is that we are not doing everything in our power to ensure children grow up with the mental and physical skills needed to survive in it. The education that you’ve opposed would have covered so many aspects vital to enabling children to make informed and sensible decisions as adults. And not just about sex. Learning about safety in a relationship, abusive relationships and what is and is not acceptable for starters have all been belittled thanks to your decision.

For me it is an issue about honesty. I have, for a long time, believed that the more honest we are with our children, at a level they can understand, then the better informed they are to make informed decisions. How can you expect children to know what is safe if you don’t educate them about it? Do you expect them to learn from their mistakes with regards to sexual experiences and relationships? I hope not, as that could have lifelong and damaging consequences. School and parents/carers need to work together to ensure children are well educated about the complexities of sex and relationships and this should be as high up on the education agenda as Maths and English. I find it bizarre how the current education system places all of its focus on academic notions and doesn’t recognize the importance of physical, mental and emotional knowledge.

Sex is part of life. Without it there would be no life. By not making sex education compulsory you are risking the lives of many children whose parents and their beliefs will not allow them to be educated factually on the subject.

One of the greatest gifts we can give children is to empower them with knowledge. Who cares if they know the twelve times table by rote if they end up in an abusive relationship?

Yours, Me.

Jen Faulkner

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