Mottos for Life

Dear Reader,

On Tuesday this week I went to a memorial service for an ex-colleague and friend. A woman who was truly remarkable. The service was full of laughter and was the celebration of her life that she wished it would be. Bright colours were worn and stories from her life were told by those closest to her. And the words and the tales were overwhelming. This woman was an inspiration and even though I knew her and had worked with her for several years I learnt so much that afternoon. And I wanted to share it all with you. Some things we should remember and some philosophies by which I think we should all live…

– The only time you should worry about your weight is when it affects your health. Not because society dictates that slimness equals attractiveness. Not because some man leads you to believe you’re worthless unless you are slim. Not because you think it will make you happy (it rarely does in the long run.)

– Be in the photos – who cares what you look like? Trust me, those remembering you will just be so very grateful to have something solid to remember you by. To hold onto you through. Be in the photos. Smile in the photos. Create lasing memories. – Don’t be afraid of being judged – dress up! Be loud! Follow your instincts!

– Be interested in others – invest time in them, for you never know how much it could mean to someone. Investing in others and making the world a better place for them works for you too. I’ve said it before – a little kindness goes a long way.

– If you want something and you can afford it then get it. Simple.

– Laugh – at yourself, at situations, at anything. Laugh everyday if you can. – Embrace life – have things to look forward to. Spend time with people who mean the world to you and make you want to be a better person.

– Tell people you love them and how proud you are of them. Don’t wait for a special occasion to say it and let them know how you feel. Say it now. Say it often.

– Take every opportunity life throws at you and make some opportunities of your own. Being scared of new challenges is natural. But do them anyway. Don’t be ruled by fear!

– Fight for what you believe in – if something isn’t right or fair then speak the hell up! But never attack those who do no share your beliefs. Attack is never the best form of defence.

I couldn’t help but wonder what people would say about me at my own memorial and I decided I’d quite like them to say that, in spite of many challenges, I fought on and grabbed every opportunity I had to enjoy life.

For life is simply too damn short.

Love, me x

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