Dear Reader,

I thought long and hard about what to focus this week’s letter. There are so many topics I could have written about.

I was going to write about all schools becoming academies, or the proposed adding of an hour onto the school day – but I figured I can’t keep writing about education every week. I know you all agree with me and I know that the people who need to actually read the letter would undoubtedly ignore its contents if they ever did. Because they have ignored every single shred of evidence that points to the fact that no one agrees with what they are doing to the education system. They are ploughing on regardless even though teachers are leaving in their droves and mental health issues in the young are steadily on the rise.

And then, having spent over five hours in the last couple of weeks at various hospital appointments for my children, I thought about writing to Jeremy Hunt again. But you know, he doesn’t listen either. Not to patients who owe their lives to the NHS or the people who work for it.

And then I wanted to write to Donald Trump and ask him what the hell he is playing at. And to the Americans blindly voting for him. But hey, how do you change the opinion of a nation being slowly brainwashed by an absolute tool?

And then I hit a blank and got writer’s block. Whilst I very much enjoy writing these letters I am frustrated by the fact that they don’t seem to do anything. I mean, I know I’m never going to change the world or the government single handedly, but maybe a little change would be good. Like with the latest Oscar’s row – they listened to the debates raging about how black people were not fairly represented and now have new ethnically diverse board members as a result. They changed. And now it has sparked a fresh debate about whether older women are fairly represented on UK television, something which could be changed easily.

But change is something that is often feared in spite of the fact it can be a positive thing most of the time. And sometimes change takes time.

And maybe I shouldn’t give up so easily.

Surely the government have to listen to us all at some point, right?

Love, me x

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