Radox, why can’t I feel heroic?

Dear Radox,

This letter has been a long time coming, but before we start I’d like to point out that your products have been used by me and my family for many years – they have soothed my muscles and helped me sleep on several occasions – it’s only recently that your packaging has made me angry every time I shower in the morning.

What may seem like good marketing to you, seems to me to be something that perpetuates outdated gender roles – that men like to ‘feel good’ and women like to ‘look good.’ I’d like to ask you why on earth you have packaged your shower gels this way…with taglines claiming that men can ‘rule the world’ and ‘feel heroic’ from showering using your products, whereas women can ‘feel sassy’ and ‘red carpet ready’ or ‘gorgeous with sun-kissed skin.’ And do not get me started on the product that suggests women need to ‘feel calm.’ Slathering that particular shower gel all over my body right now would not calm me down, I can assure you of that.

2945-917985-RangeShots_780x290_InvigoratedWhy can’t I feel heroic when I shower? Why can’t I be ready to rule the world after cleansing with your gel? Or better still, why can’t I just feel clean? Moisturised? Exfoliated? Shower gels do not change ones ability to be sassy or powerful and so I’m not sure they should be marketed as such. Especially when they encourage ridiculous gender stereotyping, which makes no-one feel anything other than irritated.

I did some research today in several stores that sell shower gels, and Radox were the only products I found using this brand of marketing. Other shower gels use the precious space across their products to inform you of the ingredients, and of the nourishing or moisturizing effects of their shower gels. A wise move.

I know you’re probably thinking that I’m a bit daft to be so bothered by this, but to me it seems such an archaic way of doing things. Why not instead be bold? Break out of the mold and try something new? Be brave…something both men and women can aspire to! Your shower gels do not need to be blue for men and pink for women.

Maybe try making shower gels that make you feel, I don’t know, clean?

Love, me x

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