Dear Noel Edmunds,

Dear Noel Edmunds,

I’ve just watched your interview on this morning, after reading numerous newspaper reports about your recent comments on the power of positive energy, and I wanted to write to you – to thank you.

If only my father had known, seventeen years ago when he was dying of cancer, that a little bit of positive energy would’ve saved him. He may not have died ‘of ignorance’ like your own father. And I’m so grateful I now know that all I need to do to stop myself facing the same fate is view the crap life throws at me as a blessing. I mean if I’m really good at it and do it properly, it may even cure the depression that’s plagued me for the last few years.

They really should bottle the stuff.

And have you spread the word? Have you visited oncology wards in hospitals where children, who are positivity personified, are having chemotherapy? Tell them that having a positive outlook would’ve have stopped this happening to them in the first place? Tut at their parents for not constantly bathing them in all things good? Didn’t think so.

I’m amazed that you do not realise how insulting your words are and gobsmacked that you are determined to defend them. You say all you asked was a question. You haven’t apologised. You haven’t conceded that it was insensitive.

By carrying on to do TV shows and be healthy you were lucky – not full of positive energy. Not only are you potentially making cancer patients feel like they are at fault for an illness that has already taken so many other things from them, but also you are dangerously implying that they could be simply cured with positive energy. And it simply is not true.

The sceptics amongst us may think this might be a clever advertising campaign for this box you keep banging on about. No attention is negative attention, right? And if it truly has helped you then great. But if it really was a wonder cancer healing machine, something scientists and medics have spent years of hard work tryng to find, then I would’ve thought they’d all be thanking you now for bringing it to their attention. Except they are not, are they?

We’ve all messed up on twitter and provoked attack before, heck that’s what Twitter is best at, but most people have the guts to admit when they are wrong. Apologise when they’ve hurt people.

And I’m thinking that because of your response to all of this, and if stress really does cause cancer, then I’m pretty sure you’ve started the process off in the many, many people who are upset with your unnecessary and cruel comments.

Well done. Not.

From, Me x



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