Dear Children…

Dear Children,

kidsI’ve spent the last three hours looking after five of you. Five of you glorious human beings who, without even trying, light up the world you live in. You have boundless energy and optimism. Positivity hasn’t slowly been beaten out of you, yet.

And the whole time you were here laughing and running around in my garden, I wanted to apologise to you. I wanted to apologise to all children, everywhere. And why? Because decisions are being made that will have an immense impact on your future. And because they may very well be the wrong decisions. And because you have no say in the matter.

I’m ashamed that people appear to be only thinking of themselves and what they perceive to best for them and their country, without a second though for the next generation who will inherit the mess. I’m appalled that more people are not thinking about you, because you are the important ones.

You’ve already had to deal with the education system doing its very best to break you. You’re slowly losing your individuality and are being forced to fit into a box that expects you all to perform and achieve exactly the same as your peers. Standards are being set too high. You are being taught that good is never good enough. And today a decision that none of you have a say in will be made. One that will affect you for the majority of your adult life. And I am terrified for you.

I’m worried about your education, your health and your safety. I fear for your job prospects. Your future. This referendum has shown the dangers of speaking out. Hatred has been ignited in the fiery bellies of the wrong people. It has incited verbal and physical abuse. Racism and Xenophobia. It has brought out the worst in people and I hate that this is the example adults are setting for you right now.

They are not leading by example. They are not showing you how you ought to behave. They are lying and twisting the truth and biting at each other like pathetic school children. And the kind of school children you do not want to share your playground with.

I’m sorry that today, once again, you will have no say in your future.

islandAnd I hope, more than anything, that I’m not apologising to you again tomorrow because the result we wake up to is one that will mean you’ll have to grow up on an island that wanted nothing to do with the countries surrounding it.

Love, Me x

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