Dear Karma,

How are you? I wanted to write and check you were working ok because recent events have led me to believe that you may have gone a bit skew-whiff.

Every time I speak to loyal and dear friends, or turn on the news, or flick through my Twitter timeline bad things are happening to good people. And I’m not saying I necessarily want bad things to happen to bad people, but it would be nice if the world evened itself out a bit.

Although, maybe good things are happening and they are just not reported. However, in the current climate, where bombs in Bagdad are killing hundreds of innocent people, iconic celebrities are dying at the rate of knots, shooters are killing people for who they love, racism is alive and kicking once more, famous murderers are being imprisoned for stupidly short amounts of time, and the twats that got us into this Brexit mess are resigning without facing any of the consequences that come with such a mad decision, I fail to see how this could be true.

I’m in hospital with my seven year old at the moment and will be for a while yet and he’s developed a rather morbid fascination with wanting to watch the news. He claims he hates Nigel Farage and says he’s a nasty man, an opinion I will not argue with, and he thinks that the nurses and the doctors who are looking after him should run the world because they are nice people. And he has a point.

There is no empathy left in our world. No thought for others. We are living in an age where people are only concerned with themselves. Just look at Farage claiming he ‘wants his life back.’ There never has been a more self indulgent, twisted twat alive in my opinion.

I need to see more in the news and on social media about good people doing good things, and being rewarded for them, because I know they exist. Instead of pitying the overpaid morons who tried and failed to successfully represent our country in Euro 2016 tell us about the kick-ass female cricket player who has appeared a couple of times on my Facebook feed for scoring an amazing number of runs. Tell us about people wearing safety pins, and don’t give a voice to the racist making them need to do so. Keep showing those wonderful Bristolian school children dishing out their awesome random acts of kindness.

Karma, you need to do something and good things need to start happening more. We cannot continue on this downward spiral of hate and anger and frustration. Make Trump go bald. Give Farage a coldsore, I don’t care, just redress the balance.

The world needs some reassurance that the unjust are being reprimanded and the good are being rewarded.

Sort yourself out.

Love, Me x



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