Write for us

Call for submission of articles

We are currently accepting articles for publication.

Deadline for submission: ongoing

Email article to: editor@bristolwoman.org.uk

Currently considering articles under the following categories:

–        Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths;

–        Equality;

–        Motherhood;

–        Business and leadership;

–         Life and Style

Content can be submitted by anyone and should strive to adhere to the guidelines outlined below. We do not expect everybody to be an expert writer. All we are looking for is your ideas and thoughts!

Please be advised that once accepted for publication, our editorial team reserves the right to make changes and editions to the article. We will not change the article and it’s theme, only bring it to publishing standard if needed.

If you have an article you would like to submit but would like to discuss it first, please get in touch.

1.     The article must include original and informative content.

  1. All content that is submitted to Bristol Woman for publication must be 100% exclusively owned by you.
  2. Bristol Woman will prioritize life stories of women for publication.
  3. Informative content is defined as written material that offers tips, strategies, techniques, life stories/case studies, analysis, opinions, or commentary on topics within an area of expertise.

2.     The article does not have to be in English.

  1. We want to celebrate Bristol as a diverse city and will consider publishing articles in various languages.
  2. All articles must be worded naturally and in a manner that allows for easy understanding.

3.     The article must not contain unattributed content to which the author does not have rights.

  1. Articles must be attributed to only ONE author or co-author and NOT belong to multiple parties or the public domain.
  2. Private Label Rights article packs are content available for anyone to purchase and place their name on. These will not be acceptable for publication.

4.     The article must not be written as a press release or be a news article.

  1. A press release promotes a specific event, product, or person and typically contains time-sensitive information. We do not publish press releases.
  2. Articles similar to those published in a newspaper are primarily journalistic in nature and will not be accepted. We do however encourage citizen journalism if it involves working with our editorial team to transform the news piece into an article.
  3. Ideal articles are “evergreen”. Avoid placing a date in your content so that it can retain its relevance
  4. Tying a current event into your article can be an effective way to draw in readers and show them how your topic applies to the situation. If you choose to use this article writing technique, show the reader how the current event you’re writing about applies to your niche. Provide reasons why it’s important and examples of how it applies to your niche.

5.     The article must not contain negative content towards any product, company, individual or group.

  1. We reserve the right to restrict publication of any article we feel does not fit our stated guidelines or intentions.
  2. Do not submit articles that contain defamatory, insulting, obscene, or degrading language in reference to any particular product, company, individual or group. This includes articles containing religious and racial intolerance, hate or violence-oriented discussion, or content advocating against any individual, product, company, or group as they will be rejected.
  3. We will not accept content discussing court cases or investigations that could be considered defamatory by one or multiple parties involved.

6.     The article must not contain profanity or pornographic material.

  1. Any articles that contain sexually explicit material that is NOT educational or health-related are prohibited.
  2. Profane language and slang terminology consists of expletives, racial slurs, and vulgar euphemisms, and have no place in professional and informative articles or in their titles. If you wouldn’t hear it in a PG movie, keep it out of your articles.

7.     The article must not contain illegal content.

  1. We reserve the right to determine what content is suitable for publication in the magazine. We will not accept content determined to be overly controversial, having a questionable legal status, or anything not consistent with the nature of the magazine.

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