Our Team

cezara  Chief Executive Officer, Editor in Chief  – Dr. Cezara Nanu

Cezara is a social entrepreneur and women’s rights activist in Bristol. She has over 10 years experience working with women across the world – from Eastern Europe to New York and California. Her expertise is around issues like gender and leadership, trafficking, migration, and forced labour. Cezara is the author of several book chapters, and has done editing work for Anti Slavery International, the United Nations, and Fawcett Society.


sian_webbPartnerships Director and Co-Editor  – Sian Webb

Sian moved to Bristol in 2009 for a Masters in Gender and International Relations at the University of Bristol. She works part-time as a Co-ordinator for Bristol Women’s Voice and volunteers for several women’s charities both in Bristol and internationally, ranging from supporting survivors of sexual violence, rehabilitating sex workers, research and communications within gender and development, and blogging about women issues across the globe.

Photographer: Olesea Ciumac

IMG_1722“I like capturing people as they are in their life. Posing is fine, but that’s usually artificial, and you can’t get real emotions. That’s why I like standing a bit away form my models, watching them do usual stuff, feeling comfortable. That works perfectly, specially with the kids, they’re so natural!”



Guest Blogger: Honor Tuttiett

2014-08-05 23.25.00Honor Tuttiett is an aspiring novelist and activist in Bristol. Since leaving university, all her efforts have gone into writing, and her aim is to support movements with her own material or in production with an eye towards equality.

Jen Faulkner – Regular Columnist

PhotoJen Faulkner is a writer and mum to three children. She recently graduated from Bath Spa University, where she completed a Masters in Creative Writing. She also holds a BaHons QTS in education, and worked as a primary school teacher for fifteen years. Jen blogs at instinctivemum.com, has published a children’s book about post-natal depression called ‘A Monster Ate My Mum,’ and is working on her first novel. Her interests are mental health, education, parenting and the written word. When she is not writing she can usually be found in the kitchen, either creating a new dish or hiding with a packet of biscuits.

Shagufta K – Regular Columnist

Described as one of the most talked about performers in the region, Shagufta K is a powerful and brave voice.  Her vivid thought provoking work beautifully transports audiences to a world where gender, race, and culture are examined through a fresh, passionate and exciting perspective.  It was this passion, to give outlet to the marginalised experience that led to creation of WOW (Women of Words).

She is particularly keen to tap into other women writers, build on and showcase the incredible skill that women bring to writing. By being part of Bristol Woman she wants to allow women writers an avenue to share their work, learn from those already in the sector and connect with other writers

Non-Executive Director – Samantha Stone

One thought on “Our Team”

  1. Hello,
    And thank you for all the work you do to empower women, it is very inspiring.
    I am a woman who has been very dis-empowered by the conventional belief systems I learned whilst growing up in everyday society. For most of my life I was in harmful relationships and I kept myself small believing that I was flawed, ugly and that I had nothing to contribute to society.
    Four years ago I met the Balanced View training and have used their training in education in the nature of mind and support network of the Four Mainstays and I have become a very empowered woman, able to participate and lead with openhearted confidence, and all the ideas I had about being flawed have become my power to be of benefit in the world.
    Women trainers from Balanced View are offering talks for women at the Relaxation Centre this Friday and Friday 5th December and because I see the benefits of this training are inexhaustible and so successfully empowering I am writing to ask if you see anyways in which I could share the details of this talk and invite other women to come along.
    Here is a link to the Facebook page for the talks.
    I really appreciate anything you see that could help.
    Kindest regards,

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