The overarching question in our third issue of the Bristol Woman is why there is such a difference in the level of participation between women and men in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. Historically, and currently, there has been a shortage of women in these areas, despite a huge UK labour shortage to keep up with the abundant job opportunities available in STEM industries.

In our current Summer issue, our business section discusses this gap and what we can do about it. Opinions range from encouraging girls in schools to continue with STEM subjects, to improving our confidence and leadership abilities through to issues of retention within the STEM industry.

It is clear the answer isn’t a simple one. However, what is clear to us is that teamwork, resilience and the opportunity to speak out is key.

Read our featured article from our Summer Issue – Time to Take the Shackles OffLynne Phillip, Executive and Business Coach explains to Bristol Woman magazine how bold actions are needed to overcome our fear of rejection.


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